Top 10 Roofing Tips To Use In 2021

A roof is unarguably the most important part of our house. Whether it rains, snows, or hails – a roof protects us from all types of weather. In a nutshell, it is one such thing, without which our house will never be complete.

But maintaining the roof is not the easiest task. Obviously, something that endures so much, will need a little extra pampering. And the better you maintain the roof, the less you have to spend on it later. In fact, as surprising as it may sound, as per research, a roof maintenance program can extend the roof’s life by 50%. This means it can be extended to 30 years as compared to replacing it every 15-20 years.

Now, since so much savings is at stake, you might want to give more attention to roofing maintenance tips that you can use in 2021. Here’s presenting those tips:

1. Look up at your roof

Every once in a while, do a visual assessment of the roof from the ground. Carefully, look at all the parts of the roof from all the sides. Especially, check for issues like missing fasteners, broken or dripping gutters, damaged drip edge, missing shingles, etc. Better the assessment, less the chances of heavy maintenance at once.

2. Trim the trees that grow alongside

Trees are important for the environment and we all know this. But wait, you do not need one growing alongside that roof of yours. This makes your roof weak. Therefore, always make sure you trim the trees that grow on or along the sides of your roof.

3. Spray on the roof

The best way to locate leaks on the roof is by spraying water on it. Take a pipe, turn on the water tap and start spraying water on the roof. Make sure you leave no area unattended. This trick ensures you locate the leak while it is still small and in a condition that can be repaired easily.

4. Let no ice build-up on the top

It is common for ice to accommodate on the roof of the house in winters. It clogs the gutters and the shingles as well. And the same ice when it reaches the wall line of the house starts melting which causes dampness and drips. To prevent it, ventilation is a must. Or again, spray water. So, take the tip – keep your roof ice-free in winters.

5. Do not let the gutters clog

The most common reason why roofs leak is clogged gutters. Therefore, clean the gutters on your roof as frequently as you can. Remove all the dirt, dried leaves, and filth from the gutter to prevent it from clogging. No clogged gutters equal to less leak-prone roofs.

6. Inspect materials

Inspect the materials carefully before installing them on your roof. Be it the shingles, rubber boots, or nails – make sure all these are of good quality material. Do not miss out on the external blinds as well. Choose a good quality blind like the Shade Factor’s external blinds. This is one of the primary tips to keep in mind before building a roof.

7. Check if there is algae or moss

Algae and moss do not only depreciate the appearance of your roof but also affect its condition. Hence, rooting these out becomes a must. To prevent the formation of moss and algae, make sure you properly ventilate your roof. Trim the overhanging trees and keep the roof clean, overall.

8. Get a re-caulking done

Many times, due to wear and tear and the weather changes, the caulking on the roof gets harmed. It causes a lot of leakage in many areas of the roof. So, it is highly suggested to get a re-caulking done every once in a while. This eliminates the chances of leakage for a long time.

9. Avoid dry rots

Poor ventilation is a huge cause for dry rot to gather around the edges of your roof. It, again, causes a lot of damage to your roof and adds to the leakage. Remove dry rots from all the corners of your roof and make sure you introduce proper ventilation.

10. More ventilation

Arguably one of the most essential tips for maintaining your roof, no matter what year it is. Better the ventilation of your roof, the better will be the overall condition of the same. Increase the number of insulation and ventilation on your roof to eliminate the probability of leakage, ice formation, etc.

Over to you…

Roof maintenance is important for a number of reasons. It not only affects the overall look of your house from the outside but also affects its ambiance from the inside.