How To Maintain Your Roof During A Storm?

If you are a homeowner, then you should know that roof maintenance is one of the measures that must be taken seriously. Unfortunately, this is not mostly the case. Not a lot of people care enough for their roofs, to perform things like inspection, cleaning, and maintenance. 

And sadly, this ends up being a big problem when tragedy hits. One of those caused by nature is a storm and hurricanes. But before we dig in to how to protect your roof from storms, here are a few insights on how to care for and maintain your roof;

Regular Inspection

This basically means checking your roof every now and then for errors. Experts recommend anywhere between 1 – 3 years, depending on the type of roof and installation. It is finding out the condition of your roof and its performance. Some of the things to check during inspection include leakages and damaged shingles.

You can always do this yourself but it is better under professional inspections.


A lot of people don’t care to clean their roofs and gutters. After rains and strong winds, leaves and debris may settle on your roof and gutters, causing blocking and clogging. This in turn may result to further damaging of the roof. Other plant-like components like algae growing on the roof may accelerate wear and tear and even cause rotting.


They say ‘prevention is better than cure’. This also applies to roof maintenance big time. Before you have to replace your entire roof, make sure to regularly check if there are any repairs needed. For example if you see a sign of roof leaking, like water marks on the ceiling and walls, find the error and correct it immediately.

How To Protect Your Roof During Storms

Accidents are inevitable. And when storms occur, you have to be ready. Not to mean that you are negative and only hope for bad things to happen. Even if you are the most optimistic person, if a storm happens in your area, you will not be an exception from the victims.

This is why it is important to always be ready and put safety measures upfront. Here are some ways to protect your roof in case;

Cut Down Trees Around Your House

Before you flinch, we all know the millions of environmental benefits of trees in your compound, garden, and around your home. But if you are preparing for a storm, the last thing you want is a tree right outside your front door, or trees leaning too close to your house walls.

When storms happen, expect branches, leaves, fruits, and other debris to fall. And guess where they all land when they are too close around your house, your roof. This is a threat and an enemy of your roof. 

Place A Protective Material Over Your Roof

No matter how strong your roofing materials are, storms are bound to cause damage, especially because of strong winds and rain. Placing another material, like plywood, on your roof would provide an extra protection should any tragedies that prone your roof to damage happen.

What To Do After The Storm

Taking measures to protect your roof before a storm is important. But what is more important is the measure you take after the storm. All you need to do is perform an inspection around your home, to see if there are any damages that need special attention.

This is best done by professionals, to clean and find out if there are any necessary repairs that need to be done.