How To Know It’s Time For New Gutters

Your gutters are crucial to the integrity of your home. Typically the least glamorous part of your exterior, new gutters play a vital role in your home’s upkeep. At Allcraft Roofers, we can help keep the entire outward appearance of your home in tip-top shape. 

We take great pride in making sure your home operates in peak condition. If your gutters aren’t up to par, the rest of your home could be affected. Paramount Exteriors is here to help. 

Below, we have provided you with the top nine signs it’s time for new gutters and what you can do to remedy them. 

If your gutters are healthy, you won’t see any of the below issues. However, if you see any signs that you need new gutters, contact a professional a right away.

Reach out to us for a free, no-obligation inspection for gutter or roof damage. We proudly offer service in all New Jersey area. 

Is It Time for New Gutters?

Let’s get right to the nitty-gritty. Here are the nine main things to watch for to find out if your gutters need replacement.

1. Dents or Cracks

Tree branches, ladders, and even flyaway baseballs can all cause visible damage to fragile gutters. Some gutter styles fare better than others. We will delve into that later. 

2. Missing Parts

The most common misplaced part is the downspout. While simple to replace, other parts prove to be more integral to the gutter’s life. 

Nails, screws, brackets, and fasteners ensure your gutters remain intact. Splash blocks and gutter guards help prevent clogs and backups. 

3. Drooping, Sagging, or Pulling

Time + Gravity = a lethal combination. Well-maintained gutters will age gracefully and rarely see its effects. The opposite is also true. 

Buildup inside the gutter causes clogs and backups. If left uncleaned over time, this will cause drooping or sagging of the gutter structure. Eventually, you may see the gutter itself pulling away from the roofline. 

4. Seeping or Watermarks

Problem #3 and #4 often go hand-in-hand. However, seeping or watermarks on your home’s exterior without visible separation is plausible. If your gutter system is not perfectly flush with your house, water can escape behind the structure.

If left untreated, you may also need to replace your siding. 

5. Paint Chipping or Peeling

Long-term gutter malfunction can lead to the trim and siding on your home to chip or peel. This occurs when water consistently spills onto the exterior of your home. 

It can happen from seepage behind the gutters or overflow due to clogged or poorly maintained gutters.

6. Rust

Water isn’t the only compound that causes rust. Salt, bleach, vinegar, and any other union that causes metal oxidation can be a culprit of rust. Certain metals and vinyl are immune. We will go into detail about those below. 

If you have steel gutters and downspouts, be sure to keep a close eye out for signs of rust. Even the slightest hint of rust can quickly spread if left unchecked. 

7. Landscape Erosion

When gutters function properly, water is funneled away from the home. If your gutters are not behaving as designed, chances are your landscape could begin to show problems. 

8. Foundation Damage

Water is the only substance on earth powerful enough to wear away a rock. Faulty gutters and prolonged exposure to the elements can cause serious issues to your home, including damage to your foundation. 

If your foundation is showing damage, cover all your bases and get your gutters inspected ASAP with Paramount Exteriors.

9. Mysterious Water Inside the Home

If you have any type of water damage inside your home, your gutters could be to blame. Small leaks in gutters can cause water to seep into your home, most often the basement. 

Drain tiles in your basement can help, but they won’t remedy the problem. If you get your basement repaired, it would be wise to check your gutters as well.