How To Keep Track Of Your Roof Warning Signs

How long does a roof last?

As mentioned above, the 15-50 rule is a standard, and it works. Your roof will need a replacement if it is old. Some might even need a replacement early if there is any issue with the roof.  The average life of a roof depends on what material you have used and how well you have maintained it. The most affordable roofing options are three-tab asphalt shingles, but they last for around 15 to 20 years. Architectural asphalt shingles can last a bit longer, about 25 to 30 years.  Concrete tile lasts between 30 and 50 years, and metal roofing has an estimated life span of 30 to 45 years. There are other factors that influence the lifespan of your roof color, orientation slope and pitch. Roofs with a high angle will last longer because rain and snow are not able to settle quickly.

The warning signs. How to know if your roof needs a replacement?

A thorough roof inspection is a right method to know whether your roof needs a replacement or not. As your trusted roofing company, we can inspect your roof to identify the issues that call for repair or replacement. We will suggest you whether the identified damage can be repaired or not. If not, then we will advise you to replace it.


Leaks are a common problem with the roofs. They create many problems. Generally, they occur when shingles or any other part of the roof fails, permitting the water to enter through the cracks. Leaks can also develop inside walls or ceilings. You may find dark spots, wet spots, and even mold growth in your attic. They can be signs of roof leaks. You should find out if there is an accumulation of water on your roof or not. You should not step on a roof that you believe is damaged to prevent any accident or injury.

Missing, loose, curled or cracked shingles

Missing, loose, or cracked shingles are one of the most noticeable red flags. This can happen as a result of strong winds, hail, water damage or old age. If you find the shingles have developed curled or are damaged, it is time to replace the roof.

Condition of the gutter system

You will also come to know about your roof’s condition by checking the health of your gutter. The role of the gutters is to carry rain water from roof to any area away from your home foundation.  It is normal to find leaves, twigs and certain debris inside the gutters. But if you start noticing granules in the gutter, there may be a problem with your roof. You should get in touch with us to conduct a roofing inspection and provide you a genuine report. We will check thoroughly to provide you a detailed summary of your roof condition.

Algae and moss growth

Moss and algae grow in areas that do not receive sufficient sunlight, especially in the cold and moist climate. Dark spots or dirty looking shingles occur due to fungus and algae growth. Although this is not a reason for a roof replacement, these problems can create problems in the future.

Sunlight entering through the roof beams

While inspecting your roof from the attic, look for spots where the sun is entering through the roof beams. This is a sign your roof needs replacement, a quick call to a professional roofer is a must.

Hope now you have the answer to when you should think about replacing your old roof.

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